Hot to Go Reusable Heat Packs
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  • Description

    Easy to use and fast-acting, each pack contains an internal disc for activation. Just snap it and apply the pad to your problem area. Reaching temperatures up to 129F, if effectively stimulates oxygen flow to the muscle for instant pain relief and relaxing comfort. They’re completely reusable. Simply drop them into boiling water to reset them. They’re an eco-friendly alternative to disposable packs and help save your money.

    Reusable heat pack. Activate by bending the metal disk inside of the pouch. The chemical reaction that takes place will generate heat. Use to demonstrate exothermic chemical reactions or in thermodynamic experiments. To reset the heat pack, simply boil in water until all the crystals turn back into liquid.

    Size may come in round or rectangular shape

    • Hot to Go round heat packs (4” diameter)
    • Hot to Go rectangular heat packs (3” by 5”)

    About Hot To Go Heat Packs

    • Heats up within seconds - reaches temperatures of up to 129F (53C)
    • Can be reused over and over again - reactivate by boiling in water
    • Eco-friendly unlike disposable hand warmers
    • Great for all outdoor activities
    • Solution to soothe aching muscles