Triple Jet Torch Turbo Lighter
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  • Description

    Product Descriptiopn:

    This Triple Jet Torch Turbo Lighter is a triple burning, torch lighter that is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and barbecuing.

    It can also light your cigar, built-in Cigar Punch (7mm) on the base.

    It is storm-proof and windproof for maximum effectiveness in all different weather conditions. 

    One major feature that users love about this torch is the ignition lock which allows you to take your finger off the ignition leaving the torch still lit

    The adjustable flame will enable you to do something as simple as light a candle, or you can turn it up for glazing and searing food.

    Crafter from metal, it has a non-slip design and flame adjustment switch. Flint rod can be replaced. Gas is refillable.

    Delivered in an assortment of colors and packed in a beautiful boxthey make a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts and cigar lovers.

    Size: 88 mm* 25 mm


    • Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty, please refill with butane gas before using.
    • The lighter torch flame is super powerful, please do not face any person or any inflammable objects directly.
    • Always keep lighter away from children.
    • Lighter can't be ignited at the lowest setting as there is no butane pressure at this setting.
    • Recommended Burning time: No more than 60 seconds.
    • Ensure that the pressure valve is turned to the smallest side while refilling.
    • After refilling butane, remember to wait about 3-5 minutes for the gas and lighter components to reach room temperature before igniting.