16th Century Astronomical Ring
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  • Description


    Design Explanation

    I am asking for a gift in the whole universe in exchange for the rest of your life with me.

    "A 16th century ring that unfolds into an astronomical sphere." 

    The Swedish History Museum houses an astronomical ring from the 16th century. Romance 500 years ago, "Closing is love, Opening is the world".



    • Sophisticated Body RingThe combination is a delicate ring, unfolding is an astronomical ball, the temptation of the fingertips hiding the entire universe. As the different bands are fanned out, the rings take on a unique quality.
    • Unique Design It is engraved with astronomical symbols from the 16th century, Zodiac, Ancient Greek alphanumeric characters, constellations, etc.Waiting for your discovery
    • Romantic For Her/HimThe most romantic thing that I can think of is just to give the whole world to you.