Anti Bumping Security Lock
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  • Description

    The "Door Angel" stands guard against ALL unwanted intruders! The “Door Angel” is especially designed to deter unwanted entry into your home by people with keys or intruders using the “Key-Bumping” method. Let the “Door Angel” guard your doors against illegal tampering and entry!

    Easily attatches to most deadbolt locks, quickly and effortlessly and INSTALLS WITHOUT ANY TOOLS!

    Made from high grade materials, the durable frame can withstand alomost anything you can throw at it. Eliminates the threat of KEY BUMPING.

    A great product for:
    - Seniors
    - Women 
    - Handicapped indivivuals
    - Families
    - College Students

    Keeps Out Any one with a key, without changing locks:
    - Land LordEx
    - Husband / Wife
    - Old Roomates
    - Maitainence Men