Automatic Candle Stopper
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    Note: This item Only Ship to USA

    Turns off the candle if it burns too long

    When the candle burns out, there is a risk that the flame will become large and could catch fire in the home. But, with this candle extinguisher, you don't have to worry anymore, it automatically extinguishes your candle if it burns too long.



    Extra security 

    You put the candle extinguisher on the candle by unfolding the lid and threading the candle extinguisher over the candle. When the extinguisher is correctly mounted, the cover should stand straight out. If the candle burns down to the level of the candle snuffer, the little cap closes again and extinguishes the candle.

    Security The product is therefore a safety measure that is stylish & secures your home.

    ATTENTION! The candle extinguisher should only be seen as an extra safety detail if you happen to forget the candles. Never leave your lit candles unattended.

    Cleaning - You can clean the brass with a damp cloth, mild detergent and warm water.