Death Star Pendant Lamp
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  • Description
    The idea behind this pendant lamp is to be able to dim the light manually by changing the shape of the shade. When the lamp is closed it resembles a ball of fire, with the color of the arms creating an exciting light. When you pull the string the lamp opens up and releases all the light. This inspiration came from science fiction movies and video games. And even if the lamp stands out visually, it doesn’t take much room – perfect for anyone who lives in a small space.
    You can easily switch between a brighter general light and a softer mood light by just pulling the strings.
    - Projects decorative patterns onto the ceiling and on the wall.
    - you can pain your PS 2014 pendant lamp to the star wars death star, if you are
    a stars wars fans. 
    Blade: ABS plastic
    Arm: Reinforced polyamide
    Ceiling cup/ Ball: Polypropylene
    Bracket: Polyamide
    String: Polyethylene
    Product Dimensions:
    Diameter: 14 "
    Cord length: 4 ' 11 "

    Diameter: 35 cm
    Cord length: 150 cm
    Package Measurements and Weight
    Package: 1
    Width: 9 ¾ " (25 cm)
    Height: 6 " (15 cm)
    Length: 15 ¼ " (39 cm)
    Weight: 5 lb 1 oz (2.30 kg)