RC Robotic Chameleon Toy with Multi Colored LED Lights and Bug Catching Action
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  • Description

    Your very own robotic reptile!

    The hungry chameleon is a great robot pet for children (and adults) of all ages! He’s colorful, animated, and affectionate, not to mention extremely cute. He comes with his own remote control for all-direction maneuverability; you can even feed him with the included bugs!

    Color changing and animation effects

    The Robo Chameleon features fun, eye-catching color and animation effects! When you power him up, he wags his tail excitedly and his spines and crest flash different colors! While using the remote to control him and help him explore, you can switch between colors with the color button. His curly tail wags as he moves, and his eyes look around curiously.

    Feed your chameleon with the included bugs! Place the bug tokens about 8” away from him and press the fork and knife button to make his tongue shoot out and capture the bugs!

    Battery-powered portable fun

    Robo Chameleon is battery-powered, making him ultra portable and easy to take on the go! He requires 4 “AA” batteries for the chameleon, and 2 “AAA” batteries for the remote.



    Multicolored LED lights on spines and head

    Multi-directional remote control

    Animated wagging tail and rolling eyes

    Extendable tongue to catch bugs

    Magnetized bug tokens

    Fun futuristic/sci-fi robot design


    Package Includes:

    1 x Chameleon robot

    4 x Bug tokens

    1 x Remote control