Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Steam Engine
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    1, EASY OPERATION ---- No Manual at all. Set the rotor to the board, Levitating success on the model, set the model 45 degree direction under the light resource. Give the rotor a gently push, it will run smooth.
    2, HIGH-TECH ORNAMENT THAT COMBINES THE MAGNETIC FIELD AND THE ELECTRIC FIELD ---- The Mendocino Motor is a magnetically levitated, solar powered electric motor. The motor consists of a spinning shaft that is held up by repelling magnets, stabilized by resting a point against a wall. It is powered by solar panels mounted on the spinning shaft, which generate currents through coils of insulated wire, and rotation.
    3, ENTERTAINING---- The motor can rotate under a weak light source. The light source more stronger, the faster the speed. The solar panels which equipped on the model convert sunlight to power and drive the model run freely .
    4, SPARK INTEREST IN SCIENCE ---- In the powerful noon time, the model rotor will run freely, speedily, and stably. Oppositely, it performs a little bad in the morning or late afternoon, It may run slowly, act out no stable, a little shake, WHY ? We can’t wait to hunt out the knowledge behind the model.
    5, AMAZING CONVERSATION PIECE ON YOUR DESK---- It's funny to see people's looks and reactions when their squeeze a little shot for this Mendocino Motor model. Set the rotor to the board , give it a little light., and then it works like charm. All of you guests want to know what happen, ice break success.

    1: magnet attraction is very strong, the assembly of the attention, clamps the hand. And The magnet is fragile, please avoid the Magnetic suction to each other and damage.
    2: the top end of the rotary shaft part can not be forced into sharp collision, damage will result in equipment failure.
    3: because it is pure handmade, part of the fixed use glass glue, tape, easily damaged, please avoid excessive force.
    4: in most cases, this means you need to manually add external rotation, the rest can give light to complete.

    Item Name: Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Engine
    Material: Acrylic + Copper + Strong Magnet
    Product size: 5.5" X 3.2" X 2.4" 
    Rotating speed:300-1500r/Min

    Product Weight: 244g
    Package Dimensions: 14*7*8
    Package Weight: 260g
    Packing: Box

    Package Content:
    1 x Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Engine