Toothpicks Mini Crossbow
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  • Description
    • The length of the body is 8 cm 3.14" and the width of the bow is 11 cm. 4.33",Excellent workmanship Ingenious design
    • Each time, 12 steel balls with a diameter of 4 mm can be loaded, and each time the Full string is tightened, one steel ball can be fired.
    • Grab the mini crossbow and pull the metal cord to fully rewind the bow. After the string is tightened to the final limit position, it will be automatically hooked by the trigger and the trigger will be launched.
    • Pull trigger to shoot the projectile. Raise the front of the crossbow a steel ball rolls into the card slot ,Reload a Steel Ball
    1. Note:Important to avoid pointing at sensitive areas on a human, especially the face.